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By Design Biology Teacher Resources That Enhance Learning

August 4, 2020

By: Kendall Hunt RPD with contributions from the writing team of ByDesign Biology


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The best educators know that there’s more to a curriculum than just the textbook. That’s why our ByDesign Biology curriculum offers ample teacher resources that go far beyond the textbook to assist with program implementation and make learning fun for everyone.

“There are labs that are going to be engaging that are referenced in both the Student Edition and the Teacher Edition,” said Larry Blackmer, former vice president of the Seventh-day Adventist (SDA) North American Division (NAD) Office of Education and executive editor of ByDesign Biology. “There are interactive digital labs, a test bank, a resource bank of web resources that are available to support the textbook … there are a lot of things that teachers are going to like.”

When you use ByDesign Biology for your high school biology needs, you’ll be able to …

Answer student questions expertly

What’s written on the page is never enough for the curious student. The most eager scholars always want to know more, and we should certainly encourage student curiosity because inquiry is the root of all science learning. ByDesign Biology is constructed with this principle of curiosity in mind and gives teachers the resources they need to answer student questions and pique that inquisitive spirit! The in-depth eBook Teacher Edition features reduced Student Edition pages with sidebars and knowledge extensions that direct teachers to further resources for curious learners.

Implement labs smoothly

The ByDesign Biology curriculum includes both student and teacher versions of the lab resources, giving students the independence to complete labs on their own but also allowing the teacher to provide guidance. The teacher versions of student labs provide additional information to adapt experiments, guide students through potential areas of difficulty, and answer student questions that come up as they work through the labs.

Assess with ease

Proper assessment techniques could merit an entire blog of their own, but what’s important about ByDesign Biology is that, as Blackmer mentioned, a test bank and answer keys are included! This relieves stress for you as the educator, knowing that you can easily assess your students and grade their work based on well-designed assessments that meet science standards. And speaking of science standards …

Feel confident in your learning standards

“We’ve correlated a number of things all the way through the book,” Blackmer said. “The Teacher Edition has all of the standards that are correlated to the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and the Adventist standards.”

This helps the teacher, not to mention the administrator and parent, rest assured that the students are learning exactly what they need to learn for success in subsequent studies and the workplace.

Make curricular connections

Finally, the Teacher Edition also includes specific sidebars, paired with Student Edition pages, that offer curricular connections to other subjects, such as social studies. This kind of cross-curricular learning helps students understand scientific material in new contexts and promotes understanding. Ben Johnson, in his blog “Deeper Learning: Why Cross-Curricular Teaching Is Essential,” notes that when cross-curricular connections are made, “the stream of information is clearer for the student, the learning activities are more fluid, and the student’s reservoir of knowledge and skills fills faster.” ByDesign Biology’s Teacher Edition includes features to help educators easily achieve that outcome!

Take advantage of these valuable teacher resources today with ByDesign Biology, a rigorous, faith-based high school biology program. Contact the Kendall Hunt Religious Publishing Division (RPD) to learn more!