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ByDesign Biology

Grade Levels: High School


ByDesign Biology the Scientific Study of Life is a Christian based high school biology program. This new ByDesign Biology program, considers two popular contrasting worldviews—materialistic Darwinism, which claims that life originated without divine intervention, and biblical theism, which is the belief in the existence of God. Like all worldviews, the Darwinian and biblical worldviews provide a framework for understanding reality—and particularly biology. This new program explores both worldviews while adhering to the principles, beliefs, and high standards of the faith-based educational system.

Life is recognized on the basis of its characteristics, which include cellular structure, metabolism, reproduction, development, homeostasis, genetic material, and adaptability. Our worldview strongly influences how we see life, the questions we ask about it, and the theories we will consider to explain it.

Science, and particularly biology, is not about knowing everything; it is a process for discovering something about reality, and that something is amazing. Science is a systematic method of acquiring knowledge and understanding the natural world by collecting and analyzing empirical data, followed by interpretation.


“Humans are as much a part of nature as every other creature,
and we have a specific role to play as part of God’s Creation”

- Dr. Larry Blackmer​, Executive Editor, Former NAD Vice President, and Biologist