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Kindergarten Stepping Stones

Grade Levels: Kindergarten


The new North American Division (NAD) Kindergarten Stepping Stones program is based on the belief that kindergarten is a stepping stone between home, early childhood education, and the primary grades of school. The program recognizes that young ones are created in God's image and must be nurtured to think, learn, choose, and grow. It is responsive to individual differences in developmental stages, abilities, and interests.


  • Strong spiritual connections - "Making the invisible God visible" is the primary goal
  • A comprehensive, integrated program that includes all subject areas
  • A developmental program designed to meet each individual child's needs
  • Rich children's literature base
  • Themes aligned with elementary Pathways 2.0 program
  • Inquiry-based activities which encourage exploration and discovery
  • Aligned with current research in all domains of development


 Stepping Stones components include: 


For Teachers

  1. Teacher's Manual
  2. 10 Daily Lesson Guides
    and blackline CDs
  3. 37 Trade Books
  4. 1 Resource Book (Poetry)
  5. 10 Bible Story Lapbooks
  6. Bible Story/Music CD
  7. Stairway to Reading Kit

For Students

  1. Kindergarten Bible
    Story Readers
  2. Bible Story/Music CDs
  3. Stairway to Reading
    Student Activity Book

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