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Order Forms

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Placing your order has never been easier! Simply choose and download your program order form, fill in the necessary details, and submit your order with ease. Our streamlined process ensures that your order is accurate and processed promptly, so you can enjoy your new curriculum items without any hassle. (See instructions below.)



ByDesign Science 23-24 Order Form



ByDesign Biology 23-24 Order Form



Kindergarten Stepping Stones 23-24 Order Form



Pathways2.0 23-24 Order Form


A few notes when using the order forms:

  1. Download and save the documents to your desktop.
  2. Then when opening the document, it will first take you to the cover sheet.
  3. Fill in information about your school however do not include credit card information.
  4. Next navigate to the bottom of the document and find the tab you are looking for (ByDesign SciencePathways2,0, Kindergarten Stepping Stone or, ByDesign Biology).
  5. Within the tab you will find the grade level and component information, cost etc.
  6. If you know the quantity of each component you are looking to order, place the number in the correct cell.
  7. The total cost will automatically calculate, and it will appear in the next cell to your right.
  8. The final cost will appear back on the cover sheet there it will provide an approx. estimate for shipping.
  9. Send order form(s) to Lynn Molony ( or to our Customer Solutions Order Department (
  10. If you have any questions, please contact Lynn Molony.