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ByDesign Science

Grade Levels: Elementary , Middle School


ByDesign Science is innovative and multi-dimensional in content and organization by offering a balanced and integrated development of science and health for grades 1-8. It focuses on the users' experience so that all elements of the design invite, engage, instruct, and motivate students and teachers to continue learning and building their science knowledge, as well as strengthen their connections with their Creator.  

The curriculum has a strong foundation based on a 5-step instructional model. This teaching model is used to promote inquiry-based learning and to stimulate a natural desire for knowledge and better understanding of God's creation.

Engage:  Capture students' attention by a question that relates to the concepts that are being introduced. Spark students' interest, determine prior knowledge, and focus attention on the content in the upcoming lesson.  

Discover:  Students participate in one or more activities to explore the concept. This discovery provides students with a common set of experiences. Students learn by performing investigations using hands-on activities and scientific methods.  

Explain: Students build their own explanation of a major idea, and the teacher helps guide their understanding of the concepts. Students read content and interact to develop scientific literacy.  

Extend:  Students extend and build on their understanding of the concepts by applying the content to other subject areas in order to develop a greater depth of knowledge.  

Assess/Reflect: Students complete an activity that will help them and the teacher evaluate their understanding of the concept presented in the lesson and chapter. Checking for comprehension and understanding are ongoing throughout the learning experience.   

View the ByDesign program video.