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Get the Most Out of Your Kindergarten Curriculum!

September 1, 2020

By: Kendall Hunt RPD with contributions from the editorial team of Kindergarten Stepping Stones

When you purchase a new electronic gadget these days, the instruction manual seems to fall into one of two categories: either it’s a book-length, meticulously detailed packet with dense language that sails over your head, or it’s one page of diagrams with little other information on assembly and operation. Either way, you, as the user, are left confused and frustrated, unsure how to even turn on your purchase, let alone use it to its fullest potential.

That’s why, here at the Kendall Hunt RPD, our Kindergarten Stepping Stones program comes with a user-friendly instruction book! It’s called the Teacher Manual, and according to one of our reviewers, it’s “chock-full” of additional tips and information to help you feel confident that you’re getting the most out of our customized kindergarten curriculum.

All of our customized curricula come with excellent teacher resources, from the Teacher Daily Lesson Guides in our Pathways2.0 reading and language arts program to the teacher lab materials in ByDesign Science and ByDesign Biology.

But for kindergarten teachers, those resources are even more critical because with young students, the value of the curriculum is in its successful implementation—and Kindergarten Stepping Stones gives educators the tools to do just that!

“The Teacher Manual does a great job of thoroughly explaining the curriculum components,” writes Emily of the Table Life blog. “It contains a general overview of the curriculum, help for making the most of the Daily Lesson Guides, tips for assessment, and additional resources for use throughout the material.”

“The Teacher Manual is jam-packed with information on how to teach subjects, methods to employ, ways to encourage excellence, and more,” agrees reviewer and home educator Lara Molettiere.

In the Teacher Manual, educators will find not only all the resources Lara and Emily described, but also useful insight on why activities like centers, songs, and hands-on play are so critical for kindergarteners’ development.

The Teacher Manual avoids both of the pitfalls we described earlier: the problems of “too much” and “too little.” We know that you know your students’ needs best, but we also know that every educator appreciates some guidance, so Kindergarten Stepping Stones strikes that balance, providing research- and experience-based suggestions to help you get the most from our literature-centered, faith-based kindergarten curriculum.

We like the phrase “get the most from” because that’s what a good instruction manual does. It succinctly and accessibly explains the best features of your new device (or curriculum) so that you can use it most effectively and so that your students get the most benefits.

Jenn of the This Chaotic Bliss blog perhaps puts it best: “There were so many suggestions in the [Daily Lesson Guide] manual that I would have never thought of on my own.”

No educator, even the most experienced, can possibly think of every possible implementation or activity for a kindergarten curriculum, especially because with curious and creative youth, the possibilities are endless. That’s why we offer you suggestions to spark your own journey with Kindergarten Stepping Stones.

Returning to the instruction manual metaphor, the instruction manual is the key that unlocks the potential of the electronic device. It gives you the tools you need to know how to use it, but once you do, you can quickly move beyond the minimum in that manual to achieve and discover great things.

With the Kindergarten Stepping Stones Teacher Manual, you can confidently implement our kindergarten curriculum, knowing you have the resources to help you maximize the material—the launch pad to help you power up that curriculum and turn on a journey of educational discovery.