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“ByDesign Biology provides a commitment to excellence and expands what it means
to receive a well-rounded education within our faith-based community.”

- Dr. Timothy Standish, Managing Editor, Senior Scientist, Geoscience Research Institute, Loma Linda, CA




This first edition of ByDesign Biology aligns with the faith-based curriculum standards as well as the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). These standards acknowledge that inquiry is central to science learning. The NGSS recommends that science education be built around three dimensions of learning: science and engineering practices, crosscutting concepts, and disciplinary core ideas.

The NGSS encourages an explicitly materialistic approach to the sciences, particularly biology. Christians approach nature from a different perspective, one that is either ignored or specifically opposed in most current texts; thus, Christian schools have a need for more balanced textbooks that examine a variety of understandings of nature, including the biblical perspective.

The ByDesign Biology program consists of 27 chapters covering a wide range of essential biology topics, giving teachers and students insight into ecosystems, cell structure and function, genetics, taxonomy, and human biology. With its clear diagrams, beautiful images, and various extensions and review activities, students will be amazed by what they will learn about God’s Creation and the scientific principles that help them understand it.

ByDesign Biology is an inquiry-based biology program that is creative, engaging, and interactive, challenging students’ natural curiosity. The underlying structure of each unit is designed with the principles of inquiry in mind, and the labs accompanying each unit allow students to put their learning into action.


The Student Edition is a hybrid (print and digital eBook) and the Teacher Edition is a digital pack with TE eBook, Teacher Lab Resources and Student Lab Resources.



Lab Resources*
The Student Lab Resources are a resource for teachers to provide to each student. Teachers select labs based on the chapter and lesson they are using with their instruction. Labs are organized by chapter and lesson.

The Teacher Lab Resources contain instructions for conducting the inquiry labs as well as additional instruction and answers to the questions that appear in the labs. The Teacher Lab Resources also provide additional information to adapt experiments, guide students through potential areas of difficulty, and answer student questions.

*Printed manuals are available by request for the Teacher Lab Resources and the Student Lab Resources.



The eBooks offer teachers and students access to high-quality content that can be viewed in either single- or double-page mode and can be enlarged for easier viewing. eBook functionality allows students to take notes and highlight key concepts. Links from the table of contents provide quick access to chapters, lessons, glossary definitions, and supporting labs developed to enhance the inquiry experience.

Flourish is an online platform that provides you with all the materials for ByDesign Biology in a digital format. Everything is available all day, every day through online access so that you can plan at school or at home and your students can learn wherever they are. The student textbook, your teacher edition, and all lab resources needed to complete a lesson are readily accessible at the point of use.